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Nexus AC Finance was founded with the aim of contributing to the creation of an expertise platform on alternative finance,established in the Padania area , which is well-known for its small and medium enterprises founded by proud and visionary entrepreneurs that have imagined their future in Italy and in the world.

Global to Local & Local to Global

Nexus AC Finance is the extension of Nexus-LPV Corporate Finance that has expanded its range of services bearing in mind the common thread of the new «global to local».strategic positioning

“Global to local” is our motto to project our trustworthiness to entrepreneurs who can rely on professionals that speak the same language and will present them financial tools that are now used by big corporations mainly.

Il Team

Nexus AC Finance Team is composed of a team of professionals who offer their relationship network and their experience in international markets to provide customised alternative finance solutions for SMEs.

Financial advisory becomes the driver for the cultural transformation and growth of small and medium enterprises in the town of Cremona and its surroundings.

Export Finance as a growth variable on international markets, among the traditional options (documentary credit, SACE, etc.) and innovative finance for foreign customers (forfeit prices with private insurance companies, triangulation with trading company, international leasing, etc.)

Nexus – Licensed professional venture (LPV)


The objective is simple and consistent with entrepreneurs’ style: expand the bank-centred model based on the trust between banks and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can rely on the innovative and open-minded advisory support provided by professionals who speak the same language and are result-oriented to achieve goals in an appropriate timeframe

The idea is to guide entrepreneurs so that they can understand and value the aspects of ordinary and extraordinary finance, applying the broader concept of Deal Advisory”.

Too often small and medium enterprises don’t have a financial structure that is coherent with their business vision. The advantage that we will build together relies on considering business finance as the foundation for the real business strategic planning.

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