How to look for “good debt”

Nexus AC Finance Method

After an initial analysis, Nexus AC Finance elaborates a strategy together with entrepreneurs that engages all stakeholders (banks, private debt funds, SACE, private insurance companies, fintech, etc.), adequate and able to support the growth of the business, even by simply streamlining the management of working capital..

The consultancy goes on to the following step that is the evaluation of negotiable and technical aspects of the debt, the corresponding costs, and legal issues

Equity investments

Small and medium enterprises can fly high, thanks to finance, their mindset, and their dreams

Together, we have a dream.

Counting on and trusting entrepreneurs who support other entrepreneurs, able to bring value thanks to finance, their expertise, their network, and vision


Mergers and acquisitions within the reach of SMEs

For small and medium enterprises of our area and for their entrepreneurs who are always busy in their everyday business, mergers and acquisition have historically been faraway from their entrepreneurial vision. The importance of alliances and networking is still to be understood and valued

Nexus AC Finance’s vision consists of becoming a trustworthy partner for long-term collaborations with entrepreneurs.

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