“Looking at the pictures of Cremona during COVID, we asked ourselves what we could do for our city that was suffering for the high number of casualties every day and for an unpredictable economic crisis…
We decided to get involved, join forces and link national and international partners from our network with businesspeople from our area.
If this had even an extremely low impact on the GDP of Padania’s economic fabric, we would reach our goal. Who knows whether it’s the right choice…for sure, we will have no regrets.”

It is with this aim in view that Nexus AC Finance was founded joining the emotional and professional forces of professionals from Nexus LPV and a manager who has worked for over 20 years in international finance.

Nexus AC Finance , an expertise platform functioning as a “Corporate Finance Advisory”, is composed of a team of professionals who offer their relationship network and their experience in international markets to provide alternative finance solutions to businesses. Finance is placed in line with the business strategical planning, and it becomes the driver of growth according to the Local to Global concept.

Deal Advisory

Business people can rely on an innovative consultancy support

Business innovation is achieved by mixing strategy, entrepreneurial vision, and finance that could become the driver of the business’ growth thanks to its elements (Debt advisory, M&A, Equity investments).

Nexus AC Finance was founded to consider finance, that is not provided by international finance boutique firms, as a key element for the business’ success, also for Italian small and medium enterprises. A concept of Deal Advisory within everyone’s reach.

Entrepreneur, have you ever come up with these questions?


In order to grow, how could I assess the strategic opportunity to acquire an interesting competitor

Debt Advisory

Is my financial debt balanced? Can I be financed «not by banks » without this being listed at the Credit Bureau?

Debt Advisory

I have a considerable stock that blocks the working capital. How can I get informed about financial tools with a rotation stock assignment system?


Where can I look for partners that are interested in entering the capital as minority owners to make my business grow and develop faster?

Debt Advisory

Can the analysis of the supply chain help me to improve my suppliers working capital and mine? Are my Operational and Financial choices appropriate?

Debt Advisory

I have the goal to make a strategic investment, almost equal to my turnover. Who can help me to prepare a well-structured business plan that complies with the bank’s requirements?


I’m concerned with generational transfer. I’m open to evaluate companies that are interested in taking over. Which steps should I make to pursue this goal?

Debt advisory

Could Fintech and Invoice Financing be useful tools to provide financial soundness and new opportunities to my company?

Dear entrepreneur, if one of these questions has resonated with you, let’s get in touch. There’s no one size fits all so we will think about it together to find the solution that suits your business best.

Our Venue

Nexus AC Finance headquarter is located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 44, in the city of Cremona, which is also Nexus LPV’s headquarter. The venue is a palace with a layout typical of the 18th century – whose foundations actually date back to more ancient times – that has been renovated from being a residential building divided into flats for many centuries to an efficient workplace for more than 50 people. This renovation has harmoniously merged the past, the present and the future.

Nexus AC Finance wishes to take care of and value the past so that it can have a future.

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