Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions within the reach of SMEs

For small and medium enterprises of our area and for their entrepreneurs who are always busy in their everyday business, mergers and acquisition have historically been faraway from their entrepreneurial vision. The importance of alliances and networking is still to be understood and valued.

Nexus AC Finance’s vision consists of becoming a trustworthy partner for long-term collaborations with entrepreneurs.

We will identify the best strategy together; we will look for investors (minority and majority owners) or target companies to proceed with acquisitions that are coherent with your growth prospects

To give a concrete support to entrepreneurs and managers, Nexus AC Finance identifies strategic partners to make your business grow and provides help throughout all the phases of the transaction till the deal is closed, including the complex negotiations with the counterparts. We also support companies during operations for new business development or disinvestment to focus on core activities.

Nexus AC Finance’s network with private equity funds, industrial investors and family office is an asset for entrepreneurs: this leads to finding a solution at a banking investment level for small to medium business needs.

This is Nexus Ac Finance’s mission, to bring growth to the area where its Partners were born.

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